Infrastructure Canvas is a patent pending, reinforced canvas that is as sturdy, yet much lighter than board and available in unlimited size options. Why you’ll never go back? Easy - because Infrastructure Canvas is a:

  • ·                     True gallery wrapped canvas that paints with the feel of a panel
  • ·                     Lightweight and warp resistant
  • ·                     Drawing, photo transfer and taping is a simple task
  • ·                     Eliminates ghosting or shadowing behind the canvas
  • ·                     Canvas gives enhanced color richness over traditional panels
  • ·                     Custom sizing available
  • ·                     100% made, manufactured and assembled in the U.S. 

For more information about infrastructure Canvas:

Email us at or call 414-559-0935

All stretcher frames are cut to size on location in standard or custom sizes.

stretchers cut to size.jpg

The frames are screwed together producing a strong 90° corner.

IC stretcher corner.jpg

The rigid lightweight foam support is cut and bonded into place.

stretcher back - bonding foam.jpg

Gaps between the frame and foam are filled and then the face is sanded smooth before the canvas is stretched.

front face filled and sanded.jpg

The process continues by stretching and stapling the canvas, followed by priming and sanding.